Let our pharmacy experts become a part of your team.

Community Pharmacy employs a multi-disciplinary team, including pharmacists, nurses, and assistants, collaborating to provide the best possible care to our partners and residents.

Our pharmacy team is able to deploy the right services, at the appropriate level, and at the right time to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.


Let our pharmacy experts become a part of your team.

Pharmacy Software Integration

Our ePharmacy team is well-versed in the different electronic health record (EHR) options and the intricacies with each specific option. We have interfacing capabilities with numerous electronic health records and many eMAR products available on the market today.


Our state-of-the-art clean room and experienced infusion staff ensure patient safety is the #1 priority. 

Our infusion services include: antibiotics, antivirals, custom TPN, patient-controlled analgesia (PCA), IV and subcutaneous hydration, bedside PICC placement services, infusion education, troubleshooting, and competency training.


Our extremely skilled team of consultant pharmacists are equipped to meet your every need. Our consultants utilize the most complete consulting software available on the market. This allows our consultants to improve safety and efficiencies at your facility, while monitoring and evaluating all of the necessary components to keep your facility pharmacy deficiency free.


Healthcare expenditures and prescription costs can be overwhelming and confusing, especially with the ever-changing insurance landscape.  Our in-house billing staff understands this and each dedicated facility billing account manager works with our facility partners and residents to find ways to control costs while still improving healthcare outcomes. 


We provide daily deliveries to our customers. Depending on your location, we can provide multiple deliveries a day. We also provide STAT deliveries 24/7/365 for emergencies and after hours needs.

Controlled Substance Solutions

Restrictions on controlled substances are becoming more and more prominent within the healthcare industry for all parties involved and unfortunately the one who ultimately suffers is the resident.  Often the reason for delays in therapy are a result of the pharmacy not receiving the appropriate pieces necessary to dispense these medications.  In effort to help expedite getting residents these much-needed medications, our pharmacy employs dedicated staff to obtain valid prescriptions for these medications, including all of the necessary information required by pharmacy law to ensure we are able to get these medications out in the timeliest manner possible.  In addition to this, we also have staff members who work to find opportunities to teach providers and their staff what is needed per pharmacy regulations for these prescriptions in effort to increase knowledge and to streamline processes to improve efficiency and turn-around time for these orders. 

Medication Dispensing
We utilize 30-day punch cards which allow for  seamless dispensing.
Medicare Part D Insurance Services

Medicare D plan guidelines and premiums change annually unbeknownst to most Medicare-eligible individuals.  These individuals are also unaware it is best to review his/her Medicare D plan annually to verify it is still an appropriate plan based on their current medication needs.  It is for these reasons we continue to promote to both our residents and facility partners to reach out annually to our dedicated billing account managers to find the most appropriate, cost-effective plan suitable for each resident.  Each individual member of our billing staff is certified through the state-sponsored SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program), keeping them up-to-date with all of the changes occurring with Medicare and Medicaid.  In addition to this, this certification also allows them to help assist our residents in choosing the most appropriate, cost effective Medicare D insurance plan annually based upon resident choice and specific needs. 

Our billing staff also has the ability to bill Medicare Part B for durable medical equipment, which includes diabetic testing supplies. The ability to have one provider for all of your products makes it easier on your staff.

Medication Returns

Our pharmacy offers credits on unused prescription medications where applicable.  Long-term care facilities are able to return unused Medicare A medications dispensed in unit-dose packaging. In addition, any unused medications refused at the time of delivery are also eligible for credit. For those medications unable to be credited to the facility or resident, Community Pharmacy will work with the facility to assist with destroying medications or will donate to a low-income repository program in effort to reduce medication waste and to give-back to those in need.

Next Generation Emergency Box

In effort to assist our facility partners in streamlining processes and curbing diversion, we currently partner with Cubex to offer a variety of electronic emergency and first dosing kit options.  With the implementation of these electronic e-kits, we are able to provide inventory lists tailored to meet the needs of each facility and their residents based upon medication usage and prescribing habits of their individual providers, all collected through the utilization of in-house reporting options.  These kits offer timely administration due to medication availability, improved safety through barcodes and scanning capabilities, enhanced security, time savings for facility staff, reporting options, and improved tracking.

Nurse Educators

Vital members of our customer service team, our Clinical Nurse Educators have years of long-term care experience and are able to provide their personal expertise working with our facility partners to provide timely, on-site training over a variety of clinical topics based on facility needs.  They are also responsible for onboarding new facilities to our pharmacy services in effort to ensure a smooth transition. 

Online Bill Pay and Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

In effort to simplify the payment process, we have implemented a few techniques to make the bill-paying process as easy and streamlined as possible.  For those interested, we will continue to send the monthly resident statement for review, but we can create an automated clearing house (ACH) payment monthly to avoid the hassle of remember to send payment monthly.  We do also offer a secure online portal to make one-time payments to decrease the burden of monthly check writing or statement mailing.

Reporting Services

As the requirements and regulations for healthcare facilities continue to increase, our informatics team is able to provide reporting options tailored to the requests and needs of our facility partners. We have dedicated IT programmers on-site able to create a wide variety of reports providing both financial and pharmacy-related information needed to help guide our partners to make the best decisions and processes for their specific facilities.

Therapeutic Interchange Services

Too often we see delays in therapy as a result of missing strengths of over-the-counter medications or restrictions put on medication usage based upon insurance companies and their formulary options.  As a result, we are able to develop tailored therapeutic interchanges in effort to save money and to decrease excessive time spent by facility and pharmacy staff clarifying orders.  Our team will work with both facility staff and prescribers to develop an interchange of medications offering clinically effective alternatives based upon safety, cost, clinical efficiency, and medication administration considerations. 

Vaccination Services

Our experienced nursing team will reach out to our facility partners to coordinate the ordering of annual flu vaccine for our skilled nursing partners and to set up vaccination clinics for our assisted living facility partners.  We also work diligently to provide the most up-to-date recommendations from the CDC so you can make the best-educated and evidence-supported choices for the residents you service.

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